2BOB Radio welcomes paid sponsorship from profit and non-profit organisations. Sponsorship helps us continue providing community radio broadcasting services in the Manning Valley, giving access to the airwaves to local individuals and groups, and broadcast media training and volunteer work experience to members of the general public, school children and young people, the unemployed and the disabled.

Sponsorship on 2BOB Radio is a great way to promote your group, organisation or business throughout the Manning Valley. Our experienced and talented team of audio and broadcast technical experts can help you develop an effective promotional package to get your message heard.

See 2BOB’s Sponsorship Policy (below) or, for more information, visit the station, located in Taree Park, on the corner of Wynter and Macquarie streets, during business hours from 9 am to 4 pm week days, or contact us by phone (02) 6552 6200 or contact us by email to admin@2bobradio.org.au.